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Going solar provides a wide array of benefits that many people are not aware. Once you learn about how solar can pay you back (in many ways, see below) the urge to use the sun as a power source becomes even stronger.
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Economic Benefits

There is a 30% Federal Tax Credit (effective 2009) available to homeowners and businesses going solar as well. Solar increases the value of your property. For every $1 of energy savings, your home increases by $20. Businesses can depreciate solar systems on a 5-year accelerated schedule. Solar will not increase your property tax basis if installed by 12/31/16 (CA RTC). Solar will not get less expensive in the near future. Thin film and other new PV technologies are not cost effective for most current installations; nor do they have field-tested life cycles. On the other hand, the solar industry has over five decades of experience using crystalline panels and is very cost effective for both residential and non-residential applications.

Environmental Benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment by producing clean energy from the sun. Global Warming is a threat to our planet’s health and solar energy is a direct and sustainable solution to helping our environment. A typical 3.8 kW system prevents more than 5 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere –the equivalent of planting over an acre of trees each year!

Energy Self-Reliance

Solar Electricity is energy efficient, reducing the need to send electricity long distances over transmission lines. The power source is directly on your property, generated at the same location the power is used. No need to rely on a distant power plant. In fact, solar electric systems lighten the load on the already overburdened grid, increasing efficiency and energy security.

You can have full control over your electricity expenses. By going solar now, you lock-in your electricity costs for the next 25+ years.

Even if you don’t replace 100% of your power with solar photovoltaic (PV), you’ll be diversifying your energy portfolio and reducing your cost risks.

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